The Winter's Tale

Characters in the Play
Leontes, King of Sicilia
Hermione, Queen of Sicilia
Mamillius, their son
Perdita, their daughter
Polixenes, King of Bohemia
Florizell, his son
Camillo, a courtier, friend to Leontes and then to Polixenes
Antigonus, a Sicilian courtier
Paulina, his wife and lady-in-waiting to Hermione
Cleomenes, courtier in Sicilia
Dion, courtier in Sicilia
Emilia, a lady-in-waiting to Hermione
Shepherd, foster father to Perdita
Shepherd’s Son
Autolycus, former servant to Florizell, now a rogue
Archidamus, a Bohemian courtier
Time, as Chorus
Two Ladies attending on Hermione
Lords, Servants, and Gentlemen attending on Leontes
An Officer of the court
A Mariner
A Jailer
Mopsa, shepherdess in Bohemia
Dorcas, shepherdess in Bohemia
Servant to the Shepherd
Shepherds and Shepherdesses
Twelve Countrymen disguised as satyrs

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