IP & Copyright

Annotation Copyright & Reuse

All annotations, comments, images, videos, audio, and other content created on the site are put under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license immediately on publication. The CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license states that

    content can be shared, adapted, redistributed, and reused non-commercially
    as long the author is attributed (username and link to www.PandemicShakespeare.com) and
    as long as the reused content carries the same CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license

This licensing was chosen to encourage creative reuse and frequent citation of the conversation around Pandemic Shakespeare, while protecting users from seeing their content reused for someone else's commercial gain. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone else sharing, adapting, reusing, or redistributing your content in a non-commercial setting, don’t post it.

Your participation in Pandemic Shakespeare is part of an ongoing, collaborative, crowdsourced creative project between multiple institutions (more info available here). By contributing your annotations and content, Pandemic Shakespeare reserves the right to edit, publish, and reuse this content under the aforementioned CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. In the event that your specific annotations or content (rather than your aggregated data) are used or referenced in future research or publication, every attempt will be made to contact you, but we cannot guarantee that we will reach you. No identifying data aside from your public-facing username, institutional affiliation (if you’re a student at one of our collaborator universities), and geographic location will be collected on this website; do not create a username with your real name.

You, as the creator of your content, retain the right to use other additional licenses on it; for example, you may add an additional license that allows people who pay you to use your content for commercial purposes. Read more about additional licensing here.

You have the right to unpublish your content from the site (that is, make it invisible to anyone except the website administrators.) Note that any unpublished data will remain in the private dataset (only used in aggregated form with the rest of the dataset). Also note that anything posted publicly but later unpublished may have been seen by someone else before its depublication and used according to the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license discussed above; if you wish this content to no longer be used, it is your responsibility to contact any such person using it.

You have a right to know where and how your data is stored and secured. Pandemic Shakespeare stores all Annotation data in a local SQL database. The data will be backed up on a weekly basis by the site administrator and Annotation data can be deleted at any time with a reasonable request.

Fair Use and Attribution

While we encourage you to create and share your own ideas, notes, and content, Pandemic Shakespeare welcomes a variety of annotation formats. Links and references to relevant news articles, academic journals, reports, videos, publicly available social media posts, and other websites are all welcome, as long as the author/creator is properly credited (i.e., “Roxane Gay at the New York Times writes…”) and the link is made available in full in the annotation.

Never post anything written by someone other than yourself without proper acknowledgement and attribution. If in doubt, give credit, even if what you’re writing creatively builds off of someone else’s ideas (and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about attribution!) Anything that appears to be plagiarizing (using the words or ideas of someone else as if they were your own) or duplicating another’s work without appropriate attribution will not be approved for publication on the site (more info on our moderation process available here).

Of course, some ideas about the text will occur to multiple people on their own, and/or are generic enough that citation is unnecessary (e.g. we don’t need to cite anyone to point out that there are allusions to illness and pandemics throughout the texts). Use good judgement and contact us if you have any questions.

Content pages (all site pages authored by Pandemic Shakespeare, such as this one)

Such pages are also licensed CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. The Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license. A full list of changes made to the texts is available here.

Link to page on the changes that Folger editors made: https://shakespeare.folger.edu/shakespeares-works/king-lear/an-introduction-to-this-text/

Website Code and Design

Please see the project's GitHub repository, which will eventually have full details on provenance and licensing for the different technical pieces of this site.

The name "Pandemic Shakespeare"

We reserve rights to the "Pandemic Shakespeare" name as far as they already legally apply. We do not want to see other websites/projects use the same name; however, mentioning, discussing, using in titles of blog posts, etc. are all fine.

This page adapted and reused from the “IP and Copyright” page by Amanda Visconti at InfiniteUlysses.com under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

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