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In order to register for a new account, click the “Login” button listed both at the top or left side of the homepage. Once you click this button, you will be prompted to either login to an existing account or register for a new account by answering a few questions.

Please note that you should choose a username that does not include your real name. Annotations will be publicly displayed on the site, with usernames attached, so please be mindful of this as you are creating your account.

Additionally, you will be asked to read through our brief Terms and Conditions before you make an account. Please make sure to read this brief document carefully before proceeding with account creation.

In order to login to your new account, you will be asked to confirm your registration by following the link emailed to you automatically once you submit your registration form. If you have not received this email, make sure to check your spam folder before reaching out to a site administrator through our Help page.

Submitting Annotations

Annotations can be submitted by visiting a page on the website which contains a section of what of the plays. Please note that the only places on the site where annotations can be submitted are on these pages. In order to create a new annotation, highlight the text you wish to annotate. Once you highlight the text, you will see a small icon appear above your highlight which you can click.

Upon clicking the icon, a new text box will appear where you can type in your annotation, relevant tags (separated by commas) as well as select a category of interpretation that your annotation fits under. If your annotation does not particularly fit into any category, please select “None.” Finally, you may click “Submit” once you have completed the annotation.

Commenting on Annotations

You also have the option to comment on other users’ annotations. In order to do so, hover your mouse over an existing highlight in the text. Hovering will cause the display box for the annotation to pop up and in order to submit a comment, click the “Replies” link on the annotation. This link will also show you what existing replies there may be.


Because we moderate annotations in order to protect the safety of all of our users, your Annotations may not always be publicly available as they are undergoing a review. If you find that an annotation that you submitted is not visible, don’t worry! That annotation may simply be under review by a moderator and should shortly become visible, again, once the moderator has approved it. To this note, we encourage users to be mindful of how they are interacting with one another and to use polite language, even in the case where a user may disagree with an annotation.

If you are not seeing your annotations or are unable to see other annotations upon hovering your cursor over them, please make sure that your URL does not end with a “#” mark (for example: Some web browsers may automatically generate this symbol at the end of URLs which makes the Annotator not visible. In order to correct the issue, simply delete the # and refresh the page.

If you have any further problems with the site that aren’t answered here, please contact a site administrator by using the Help page.

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