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In order to register for a new account, click the “Login” button listed both at the top or left side of the homepage. Once you click this button, you will be prompted to either login to an existing account or register for a new account by answering a few questions.

Please note that you may wish to choose a username that does not include your real name. Annotations will be publicly displayed on the site, with usernames attached, so please be mindful of this as you are creating your account.

Additionally, you will be asked to read through our brief Terms and Conditions before you make an account. Please make sure to read this brief document carefully before proceeding with account creation.

In order to log in to your new account, you will be asked to confirm your registration by following the link emailed to you automatically once you submit your registration form. If you have not received this email, make sure to check your spam folder before reaching out to a site administrator through our Help page.

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How to Annotate

Annotations can look like...

A definition of an unfamiliar word:

    “Furlong: an older term for an eighth of a mile.”

A connection to your personal experience (that you feel comfortable sharing) and perception of the COVID-19 pandemic or current cultural moment:

    --“I bet Leontes is the kind of person who wouldn’t wear a mask”
    --“This reminds me of the rapid spread of COVID-19 in prisons”
    --“As a woman, the way Hermione is treated here is really shocking to me. By modern standards, I think this definitely counts as abuse.”

A question you have about the text, or one you’d like others to think about:

    --“What does this even mean? Do deer actually sigh when they die?”
    --“Why are cuckolds thought of as having horns? Does anyone know where this idea came from?”

A note on a word, line, concept, or idea you find interesting:

    --“Jealousy = an illness?”
    --“Leontes thinks of his jealousy as a literal ‘infection’ here”
    --“If Leontes can see that he is acting irrationally, why doesn’t he stop? Is this what makes his jealousy like a disease? Is he more or less blameworthy because he’s acting under the influence of an ‘illness?’”

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Using Pandemic Shakespeare in the Classroom

Thank you for your interest in teaching with Pandemic Shakespeare. What we offer below are some suggestions for using the website with your students. Please feel free to adapt the website to serve your teaching and student needs. We welcome creative uses of the site, and we welcome comments about how you’ve adapted it at

Timeframe for instruction: 2-3 weeks

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