About the Project

Why Join A Global Conversation About COVID-19 Using Shakespeare?

Pandemic Shakespeare invites readers to process their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the various “social” pandemics of our era through collaborative digital annotations of Shakespeare. We are less interested in finding the “best” formal annotations than we are with creating a safe, inclusive space for the individual experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe these are not adequately captured by any editorial, health report, government dispatch, or news article. This website aims to foster global interconnectivity not only around larger themes of illness, isolation, social crisis, and inequality, but also shared pleasure, joy, and humor during frightful and unstable times.

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All Voices Are Welcome

Your voice is welcome here!

We welcome all readers of every background to engage with these texts. Whether you’re interested in Shakespeare, the global effects of COVID-19, social justice issues, digital approaches to artistic, social, and cultural inquiry, or feel another draw entirely, we value your insight and invite you to contribute your thoughts, questions, interpretations, and unique experiences to these texts.

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