Faire Use & Attribution (Citing Sources)

While we encourage you to create and share your own ideas, notes, and content, Pandemic Shakespeare welcomes a variety of annotation formats. Links and references to relevant news articles, academic journals, reports, videos, publicly available social media posts, and other websites are all welcome, as long as the author/creator is properly credited (i.e., “Roxane Gay at the New York Times writes…”) and the link is made available in full in the annotation.

Never post anything written by someone other than yourself without proper acknowledgement and attribution. If in doubt, give credit, even if what you’re writing creatively builds off of someone else’s ideas (and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about attribution!) Anything that appears to be plagiarizing (using the words or ideas of someone else as if they were your own) or duplicating another’s work without appropriate attribution will not be approved for publication on the site (more info on our moderation process available here).

Of course, some ideas about the text will occur to multiple people on their own, and/or are generic enough that citation is unnecessary (e.g. we don’t need to cite anyone to point out that there are allusions to sickness and disease throughout the texts). Use good judgement and contact us if you have any questions.

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