Annotation of Act 1 Scene 5

Annotation Text: 
We have stereotyped an ideal portrayal of a father who is considered ideal and unconditional provider of love to his children. Being selfish and just thinking about our own needs and desires is narcissism and in these COVID times this is the last thing one can do. The government is like a father figure to its citizens, and it should have facilitated medicines and vaccines in an efficient way but the mismanagement and self fulfilling motives of the government let them act like a snail who wants to hide during tough times and be unbothered about outer circumstances.
FOOL  Nor I neither. But I can tell why a snail has a  house. LEAR  Why? [30]FOOL  Why, to put ’s head in, not to give it away to his  daughters and leave his horns without a case.
Annotated Content: 
Act 1 Scene 5

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