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The first part of the play has elements of a Shakespearean tragedy (focused on Leontes), where the ending has elements of a comedy (focused on Perdita & Florizell). Leontes also receives a happy ending and forgiveness from Hermione, (unlike the royal protagonists in Shakespeare's other tragedies, like Hamlet & Othello). How does Leontes' happy ending impact the genre? How does it impact the themes of the play?
She hangs about his neck.  If she pertain to life, let her speak too.
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Act 5 Scene 3

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Leontes' happy ending in a sense wraps the play up as almost a romance, as he manages to semi win Hermione back. Even Camillo and Paulina's unexpected reunion adds to that romance besides Perdita and Florizell. It makes sense why this play was so hard to categorize into a singular genre. As for the themes, it seems to shoot some themes down and build others up depending on your perspective. The white man's redemption arc seems to predominant, showing the theme of if someone does something wrong, they will be punished, but as when they learn from their mistakes, they are rewarded. In a sense, Hermione was his reward for learning his lesson, which raises the questionable objectification of Hermione. It could also be a theme of justice will always be served since Hermione survived and even found her lost daughter, but Mamillus' death does not completely fulfill that theme. In general, Hermione's apparent living state raises plenty of questions, and it definitely diverges from what Shakespeare is known to do in his royal tragedies. It arguably made the ending seem weak, as if Leontes was not punished enough. What do you think?

I agree... the ending robs Leontes of his unhappy ending. Though he suffers for 16 years, that is not where his story ends, nor is it where our story ends. We go on to watch him regain his daughter and his wife, even if his son is still dead. Nearly everyone (besides Mamilius, who is still dead, and Paulina, whose husband is still dead) has a happy ending, and those who don't are not primary characters. I believe the ending to be that of a romance- Leontes and Hermione are reunited, the young lovers end up together as an almost secondary feature, and Leontes' jealousy is resolved at the end, leaving him with few real consequences.

The truth that two innocent cannot be revived and so not their role in the play, makes it look like a mess. A happy ending can not be seen as no such a Happy state of heart could be felt. The situation seemed more like a Compromise and a connection made by Time to sort things at place so that a happy future can be seen. The theme bends more towards Time and the Supernatural.

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