Annotation of Act 1 Scene 2

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Instead of referring to Polixenes by his name, he uses the place he hails from, to speak about him. What is the significance of place in ones life?
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Act 1 Scene 2

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I think this is an incredibly interesting question, especially considering that Perdita was moved to Bohemia as an infant. She does not return to her homeland until she is 16 years old, and is therefore very removed. I think by having her name mean lost, missing. She is not afforded the same sense of identity that Polixenes has.

I think that Polixenes being called "Bohemia" shows how much power kings have over their land. Calling him "Bohemia" plays into the idea that he has complete control over the land, he owns it, he is all-knowing of that land. To answer your question, I think that the significance of place in one's life heavily plays into their identity. People are products of their environments and its hard to pretend like it isn't true.

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