Annotation of Act 4 Scene 4 Part 2

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This speaks to both Autolycus's fortune in the play - where no great harm seems to come to him for very long, nor does he seem to cause much harm to anyone else - as well as his roots in mythology, wherein he is either the son of Hermes or simply a great thief. How does he contrast with other characters in the play?
AUTOLYCUS  If I had a mind to be honest, I see Fortune [965]  would not suffer me
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Act 4 Scene 4 Part 2

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I think he contrasts with others in the play because we see the direct results of everyone else's actions. Leontes' jealousy was the reason that Hermione and Mamilius died. Autolycus doesn't do anything nearly as drastic; he sort of just exists. I didn't pay too much mind to him.

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