Annotation of Act 4 Scene 4

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The significance of stories within the play is a repeated theme - we are seeing it here, just as we saw it in the beginning with Mamilius's story. What foreshadowing do you believe this story holds?
Here’s another ballad
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Act 4 Scene 4

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I think the fish is a combination as Perdita and Hermione. The idea of the fish appearing on the coast alludes to Perdita appearing on the Bohemia coast. Yet the part about being stuck in fish-form because she would not make love to a man is very similar to the statue fate of Hermione. Hermione cannot love Leontes anymore because he has stolen her happiness through his distrust and he lost their two children. She is only able to come alive again when the family is reunited with Perdita, assuming that now Leontes and Hermione will be married just like the old days.

I like this annotation because this is something that didn't make much sense to me at first. Upon a second look, I can see how it draws a parallel to Hermione.
"It was thought she was a woman, and was turned into
a cold fish for she would not exchange flesh with
one that loved her."
This reminded me of Hermione because she had turned into a statue as a result of Leontes "taking" her life through his accusations and immense stress he places on her. I think it foreshadows her being a statue.

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