Annotation of Act 4 Scene 3

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Autolycus is saying that, by following the course that his life sets out before him, he does right. Is this a greater commentary on the role fate has for various characters throughout the play? How does Autolycus's character (as a conman/pickpocket) either add or detract from his meaning here?
I then do most go right
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Act 4 Scene 3

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This touches on a class in a way and birth rights. It is almost as if your societal role is predetermined at birth, with an exception for characters such as perdita who was deprived of both her birthright as a monarch. How do you think that is significant to Shakespeare's commentary on class here?

I really like this annotation because it draws attention to a greater theme of the play- that your class is your fate. Even though Perdita was raised by the Shepherd, she still is part of the royal bloodline and eventually returned to Sicilia. I'm not surprised Shakespeare wrote the plays in this way because its very indicative of the time period.

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